Content Marketing | Transformation Infographics

While I've worked on nearly fifty infographics collectively, these are some of my favorites. For each example below, I was active in some combination of conceptualization, writing, editing, pitching, or all of the above. My role varied by project, but managing a team of 10 content creators, we earned thousands of positive media mentions and links over the years. In all cases, these were highly collaborative efforts built around coordinated link building campaigns that I managed. Credit is certainly due to the many talented designers and writers I worked with throughout these projects.

Every T-shirt Worn in the MCU

The Evolution of Wolverine

The Evolution of Spider-Man

The Evolution of Superman

The Evolution of Tomb Raider

The Evolution of Iron Man

The Evolution of Batman

The Evolution of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn the Evolution of Madness

The Evolution of Iron Man

The Evolution of TNMT

The Evolution of Leatherface

The Evolution of BTTF

The Evolution of Star Wars

Far Far Away Fashion Infographic

Public Relations & Content Amplification

No matter how much you love or believe in your content marketing, the Hail Mary moment hinges entirely on webmasters and journalists posting your hard work. Through media connections and cold outreach, here are just a few examples of big media pickups I personally earned with our team's content. If you research any content on this page, chances have it you'll find powerful domain authority backlinks pointing to the source. These are just meant to serve as examples of collaborations with media.

Content Marketing | Stats & Chronology Infographics

Content marketing is always team sport, so as is the case elsewhere, my contributions below were either conceptualization, researching, editing, writing, pitching or all of the above. Visually displaying change over time is almost always a hit. Who doesn't want to see things 'then' and 'now'? Yet for the sake of novelty, it can't always be progressions of appearances. So, we worked a lot with timelines and chronologies to give webmasters new angles and ideas to work with.

X-Men Chronology

Pantone Chronology

Pantone Evolution

Royal Rumble Stats & Records

Resident Evil Chronology

Resident Evil Chronology

Content Marketing | Maps

With the arrival of Google Trends, content marketers everywhere (including me) seized the opportunity to unlock data gold. They provide that beautiful free-source date and we provide the pretty pictures!

NFL Popularity in Europe Map

European Soccer Popularity in the U.S.

Superhero Popularity by State

Journalism | Solo Work

I began my journalism career at age 18, taking a semester off from school to work as an editorial intern and freelance journalist for two leading publications in my hometown, Santa Fe. To me, journalism and marketing are two sides of the same coin. The skills I've learned on both sides have helped me understand how to work with the media and give them content that benefits both parties.

Tip of the Iceburg

The First Cut (Fluff Piece)

Short Reviews

Somewhere Special, NM (Feature)

A Metaphor for Possibility (Feature)

Bittersweet Symphony (Feature)

Video & Animation

I'm not a videographer. But I have managed many projects with videographers for my employers and clients. Also, I'm not an animator. But in the world of today, an eager marketer can create animation on the sly. The Moz Con example was a small pet project I conceptualized and created with GoAnimate.

Art Force Brand Overview

Bellacor Pro Brand Overview

Moz Con Submission

Content Marketing | Interactive Elements

As time went on, our success with infographics led to other media. Interactive experiences became another major source of inspiration for not only helping solve customers' questions, but for giving them something fun to play with in their spare time.

The Hobbit | Companion Infographic

For this, I personally wrote and oversaw the project. The awesome Thomas Emery programmed, and the stellar Cody Petersen designed the infographic. What a dream! We are all total LOTR nerds.

The Hobbit | Interactive Map

Note: Requires Flash to work!

Chandelier Height Calculator

Every industry's customers have vastly different questions and needs. We identified an opportunity that was largely underserved surrounding spatial concerns in the home. This user-friendly, interactive chandelier height calculator still ranks today.

Content Marketing | Calculators

This address numerology calculator is embedable with an iframe to encourage shareability. My team and I created this at Bellacor, but you can see how it works here in the wild. Give it a try!